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The aspiratio上海外菜会所ns of love

all5The aspirations of love               The aspirations of lovePrecious jade, how do you do? After yesterday evening clutchs wrist to part company, the ding of midnight louds noise to be knocked noisy like that! That sound is suchDesolate sad sigh, such drab desolate. At the moment I, feel its sound is having one to plant intolerable heavy, eachAll press mind like base of 1000 your bear! What I hear is the groan that hurts Hunan in succession it seems that, one in succession most sorrowfully deep feelingSob appeals to…Night is very late very deep, the nocturnal tourist on street face is right now very few, roaring city of a day whole already slept graduallyGo. In this quiet dim light of night, only the street lamp of street edge still is shining in faint ground. The lamplight of orange soft color is accompanying mecar slowly forward gallop go. All the way, shade of has dripped greenbelt frequency pleasant to see flows before the light from light, luxuriantly green of settleclear green jade, very beautiful flowers, greenBillow wave emerges. 10 thousand grass fall in cool and refreshing nocturnal mist bath, sending out a Zhen Qin’s nose a faint fragrance. Look after in the lambency of l

ightBelow, more show 1000 appearance 100 condition, namby-pamby but person. Everything before is extremely beautiful! Extremely static! And my criterion feels this worldBecame vacuum suddenly! I insignificant felt a kind suddenly unprecedented alone! Consequently intolerable notYou are in beside that momently! Dear, are you knowable? At the outset how do I want to turn around a car suddenly, chase after you and go ah…I helpless slowly driving a car, right now, I all sorts of feelings well up in my heart, feeling myriad. The steering wheel in the hand is that unexpectedlyheavy, so do not listen to handle! Thousands of meters of short distance, it is such-and-such length unexpectedly, such-and-suchBe far! Pass through car window, look into the distance thes vault of heaven, boundless, vast and bare is far-reaching… today the night sky of night, star is few and far between, Indistinct. Everything right now, lonely of all of 10 thousand Su, only my hearts still roll boil, still perturbed is restless… yes, I cannot be forgotten, only momently before, I and you are embraced closely, kiss of as glowing as you photograph! The sort of is like crazy like drunk loveLove all without exception to resemble the in me heart sea like tidewater intense emerge move. Yes, each your attractive eyes, every time is kindsmile, each cheesy movement, the speech of each warmth, deeply brand is in my unforgettable head borderIn, twine the heartstrings that vibrates in me to go up. However, everything of all these, fictitiousing zero became unexpectedly between instantlyBubble, unreal became colourful balloon, changed nocturnal cold wind, wave, swing ah… deplorable Qi Qi. I feel the sort of lonely, mind that the sort of agonized, bosom friend looks for the sort of feel sad that the person that the boundless universe gives lose brings hardSuffer erratically! But, by every means I helpless can how? Perillaseed cloud: The month has Yin Jing circle to be short of, the person has joys and sorrowsSeparation and reunion. Get together parting two supple. The deep, affection of love Yi Nong is thick, think of also leisurely…Change in the positions of the stars-change of the seasons, the dim light of night is thicker, heavier. I of lose one’s mind, still loaf about in the curtain of night of black Zuo Zuo blindlyIn. I of expression bewilderment am without tired meaning, in a state of anxiety of of my of solitary . Wind of blow gently night comes over, of Chu Qiu coolMeaning, instant take along sth to sb comes ineffable melancholy… at the moment, full world keeps absentminded your illusive, your the likeness of a person! Is Ceng Ji denied? That christmas that our two encounter encounter. The Christmas of good joy, sweet and lucky Christmas. Ah, The night of how good Christmas, with its beautiful curtain gauze is embracing you and me. The lamplight that sways like dream, lightStroking you and me. The santa Claus of Ci Aihe be apt to, bestow we always the unselfish love of unforgettable bosom, tender lingeringpowerful amour! Make have mutual affinity we are in in the future day times, played the romantic Jin Qu of divine love. Dance had the 7 colour air of orgiastic love, have a good swim the strong feeling sea in pure love…Bai Ju is too unoccupied place, days, gallop and go. Of love moist the tree of the life that makes us becomes more youthful, more gorgeousBeautiful. Meet the years that the induction that hates evening makes sigh with regret of our in pairs parting. The future of yearning happiness, be us in allWith the wish; Cherish time, have joy, be our first selection is exclusive. Our affection, our love, asperse fullThe earth. Pavilion booth a pavilion or house on a terrace, those who have our love reason pour out; On green grass ground, have the track that we love; On green hill, haveWhat we are indifferent is happy; In forest, have our close figure; In lake smooth moonlight, have us of joyous song happySound. Leisurely of heaven and earth, affection is unbroken, endless love, endless affection, the excessive like electric current is full our whole body. Deep autumnIn cold wind, resemble clear spring of all the different kind, in our heart gully Chan Chan shedding drips. We in the Crystal Palace that to the top of one’s bent bath is loving, In the aureola that is intoxicated to one’s heart’s contently in love…Days, we immerse in the honey that loving; Momently, we get drunk in the maritime space that loving; CentCent second, our e贵族宝贝花千坊dify is in the passion of love. Of strong feelin新上海龙凤EFg close meaning we are in the spring dream that weaving beautiful happiness, writeWriting the poem that Luo Mandi overcomes; Looking forward to Eden like prospect; Still have, still have the warm home in our dreamField… . Angus, showed her to上海花千坊419 us inviting gorgeous, release a flower to fragrance euqally to us. Angus, for our compose first one euphonic song, deserved to go up for us each wonderful note. Love, how good, how sweet. Everyday in, the greeting of that the real situation, that one deep-felt longing, That kind stimulates jumped longing, the heart that loves two each other tightens hug to decide. The day of Yue of two affection photograph, bright because of love; Delighted because of affection; Our affection and when all is entered, grow day and day. However, sometimes, you should leave me far, I of serious situation as if feel you already gave my whole life beltWent! Without the day that you accompany, this world no matter daytime or night, my mind is causing Qing Teng kind constantGreen longing. Be in everyday in every hour, be in quarter lis each of every hour, in every momently each minutesIn, in each second of each minutes, I am how be sentimentally attached to you are breathed out! Stay together without you in the sort of grow besideFlavour, cane elephantine suffering is wrung tangle. Like the girl of sea of be addicted to again, the ups and downs in the great waves that falls in the tide since tide, struggle, readily oneBuccal ground deglutition is worn agonized seawater…Love, it is such anguish unexpectedly, such disappointed Chou. Saying to miss you deeply with its is a kind of Wen Wei, be inferior to sayingBe one kind purgatorial like suffer; Saying with its suspension longs for you is a kind of joy, be inferior to saying is heart of a kind of awl more likeDistressed; Saying to think you long for you with its is one kind expects, be inferior to saying is one kind loses spirit more like lose. Of countless tiesLove net, sai Lian of net never-failing all the different kind, what loving like the catkin of bewilderment is spatio-tempor上海外菜会所al on disappointed waves fly, wave fly…Night is very heavy. Wind is very small, leisurely is swayed, plaintive, cantabile be like smoke. Few and far between star though already sparseThin, and in ablaze crepuscular asterism, have however special especially brilliance, bright beautiful, especially glittering and translucent. That can be meDeep feeling is looking attentively at your look! Dear, the contain in the look is worn my 1000 kinds tender feelings, the love of all the different kind. HeartOf love, I am paying close attention to you silently with my amorous look, wear fondly deeply you, stroking you gently sweetly…You are knowable, in this boundless and indistinct long night, the lonely shadow of chilly of my Qing Dynasty is just as that Gu that suspension in the sky is in before your windowStar, be obsessed with the ground to accompany you to arrive dawn… the Ma Er that I remember to the end of his life ah! Are you knowabl上海龙凤后花园e dawn? In this cool and refreshing static night, My pleasant uses me the love of whole life, the affection like systemic heart warm blood, the lover that to you I love ─ ─ greatly gives out my the bottom of one’s heartThe aspirations in: I love you! Love you all one’s life! ! ! My sweetheart toward the dream that think of night, be about to know this heart sounds, piled up I how many hill is general the love of massiness, muchThe amour with little euqally dark sea, more or less to cut ceaseless, manage returns random longing! This sends the aspirations from thorax, enoughWake up dreary night sky lacerate, enough the universe of sleep deeply! But boundless and indistinct and calm night, did not feel because of me dayUse the land utter sad calls and brace up quiver and become enamoured. Night, the dark hush of remain as before, of remain as before apathetic, of remain as before boundless and indistinct…Of remain as before boundless and indistinct… This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2013-1-19 13:45 editors5 editors


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