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Too promote h上海4197龙凤DFill two days overnight

all9Too promote hill two days overnight Too promote hill two days overnight Always feel this season still suits a journey, especially dull in the shake from side to side in the school very long hesitatedVery long, feel to should give birth to oneself a kind of thing that hit the target is aroused, be in so weekend, attendedThis too the force that allows hill. The thing goes hurried, this mobile organization still is in what undertake according to the tacit understanding of travel edition all through the ages, in travel editionthe record and narrate of big spoke and custom duty are incendiary, with typical small You Fang type assembles finally, gather, appoint money-locker, closeMoney, set out! More or less to stem from oneself overmuch concern, took body raincoat more (the ruler of heaven cooperates, did not rain) , tookSpare climbing boot (not bad brunt travel shoe was not damaged) , sweater and reserve show solicitude for (very seasonable reservationoneself temperature) , glove (always need) , liquor, beer and sausage a few (the fact proves a journey上海龙凤自荐区the person of philtrum bold and unconstrained or need exalt tacit understanding and feeling with alcohol, of course the nature of meat animal also is notDeniable) , sleeping bag (prove in the practice opening a store of building of the Eight Immortals in the legend, as long as weather is good, need only over thereA sleeping bag can assure must temperature, hu Daochang’s bedclothes also can assure this a few, of course I orYearn for the feeling that sleeps in tent, just have a feeling more in that way probably)Build went up to go too those who promote hill is mediu北京爱约派论坛m cling to, in each master, do not have besides A Shan it seems that too the classics of the travel that promote hillCheck, then this is buried fell in the future the foreshadowing of the journey (hey, this paragraph complements by big Buddha Xxx word) . Then, we go up so hill, the time that enters hill gate was made partly at 10 o’clock, really, can ejaculatory is, The autumn scenery that falls to fresh air and very good sunshine gets in order to feel in Shanlike, of course actually of hill doorway these autumnColor and be in truly 上海后花园419too the photograph that the fall that begins hill can appreciate is compared is an iceberg only one horn. One paragraph sees those who be less than an end go up it seems that hillside road, brook is on the side, have small fish small bug, at that time right now, suckBring the bright persimmon that everybody often still appears of the look to cultivate, the yellow arboreous occasional with red far and near is in even light greenin forest, this makes a person hysterical, this time comes to here even if appreciate this autumn scenery after all. Too promote hill all the way temple path view, also drawing everybody’s look at the beginning, be in after all this Taoist school 72 blessing groundSome stylite also are in, still calculate in this be far from the place with modern blatant culture, still wear in persistence oneselfa few belief and idea, this itself is very good to us remind. In the highroad in hill, left-hand rotation right-hand rotation, original lie across is in gradually our thrill through the mountain ridge before, see eventuallyfaint before ternary hill, namely we continue up destination, perhaps be at th

e beginning everybody is right rowThe underestimate of Cheng, our big Buddha already kubla khah dripping wet, each Mm also has different tired watch disease, perhaps beSmall swim the Yu Yong that Mount Hua gets on before nip a week, in the van of this do all one can, the whole thing give big Buddha step by step unexpectedly sayWent, ah. Big Buddha was moved, someone else after waiting to should tighten therewith oneself, reach ground of our a lunch unexpectedlyDot, respective place rests, during awaiting noodle, look with reverence goes before chute, regrettablly, did not have rain recently, water verySmall, always have the feeling with one lentic bark, little a lot of spirit are angry, regrettablly regrettablly. Time of contemplative before chute a few, Return have a meal place, look at kitchen in ablaze blaze, abrupt brainwave easily, the bowel that bake! Contain wooden label then, string together waxingBowel, bake to aroma 4 excessive, draw everybody covet, empty stomach busy! It is then in sootiness fire hold up, everybodyShared 9 small intestine, sought some of profit for abdomen at least. Regrettablly, when purchasing, did not considerHave so much open one’s mouth, so, supply finite, also allow authority solution satisfies a craving for delicious food. It is the fokelore in short message nextoar surface, this later generations leaving generation is commented, the individual feels, abdomen is too hungry, 3 bowls did not have a what taste unexpectedlyPath come. Rest in lunch ground halt at least two hours, it is for only unexpectedly so a bowl of face, miss mountain insideday, really pretty good also, here if go out,the concept of time is sunset only it seems that, without dear rhythmFeeling, everything is follow rules it seems that, but simple all the more. Sit in the end of step, recumbent pailou is sitting, lazy the alley that is disinclined to look at lower part and other people, enjoyingMidday the sunshine 9 o’clock, up, it is sunshine point-blank below, of cyanine element gorgeous, occasional ornament is in even viridescencein tree or on white rock, the light is first-rate! In city wall after lazy rest, near at 3 o’clock start off, right now, we and sunshine began race, towardThe road clip that go up was in among a few long and narrow mountain ridge, leaving midday time, delimit together then from zenithal center when sunshineAfterwards, I also chase the sunshine that weighs in relief day to this without method again unexpectedly, it is among gloomy and cold gully, perhapsIt is different quiet and beautiful, when here the pace that the shadow of mountain ridge rises as us, when also rising ceaselessly, IPeople in really somebody began similar the idea that abandon, after all the those end of hill always is indistinct it seems that, more what is more,the rather that, Small swim to always twinkle to the target its word, although later, proving this strategy is correct, but also let me reallyPeople those who find way is endless, and absentminded to a kind of him belief and physical strength. Of course our big Buddha comrade is returnedBe to insisting to go, follow in his back, what can see he goes up personally really is angry, celestial being is angry! 3 masters, Drive in the example of big Buddha, of course also advance wave upon wave, ah. Not bad, such we are more and more adjacentTarget, but we still utterly ignorant, all the way the lack as a result of literary cell, basically everybody relapsesA certain number of canzonet with same move, let a person feel some are drab, when having actually, 9 whistle draw the hill opposite sideThe response of the bird on bridge, probably this ability is good sense, big hill connects this very. Also show a lubricious ass reallygo qualitative, and always be in of the team search us finally the detail of a seldom discovery, the birdie on the branch, fartuft red autumnal leaves is waited a moment, be grasp the old hand that amuse oneself, more or less was this eliminated some I involve climbing demand all the wayLike that. After all the level that I also had calculated individual strength is then abundant, need is searched use up the new fun besides physical strength. The most magical thing appeared, when resting on the vacant lot that takes before a small temple when us, big Buddha almostBe the paralysis that sweat drippings is over there, small swimming is only so point to, branch is particular, so we want cantonment building of the Eight Immortals in the legendOn step of class of that a hundred or so, establish Martha Buddha rise with force and spirit, numerous brother is to run quickly almost building upgrade, after all night is oldThe place arrived eventually, can have dinner, building of the Eight Immortals in the legend, for mountain ridge 3 encircle, after the sun goes down, cool windBlast, everybody hastens buy the clothes, surround sit one case, hu Daochang gives us a bottle of hot water, I wait for as if one find out treasure, divide andOf drink, a warm current, be enjoy greatly. Piled one desk food, respective bolt. Before the day is black, Begin those who clear away building of the Eight Immortals in the legend to open a store, path the quilt in growing a hall lets us use, after unified arrangement, ordinalEnter oneself store, discover one unprecedented problem, whole connecting a shop to want to hold 12 people already was impossible, loath11 people are discharged together, mix pilchard can is same, masters are arranged together first of course, such, likeLike making hamburger, at 6 o’clock, everybody each with respect to everybody, it is the story holds jest concurrently first, begin to sleep next! ThisIt is to sleeping the hour that everybody sleeps the earliest. I additional searched temporarily place, as me ” sleep collapse ” . Proof of after the event, after this plan is falling asleep two hours, overthrew, first somebody is not borne, crowded place is broughtextra quantity of heat, allow authority kubla khah dripping wet, suspecting, in hill how not cold; Next, a fewbe at the same time, controlled at 9 o’clock, it is necessary that everybody feels to be arranged anew, it is the 10+2 that finalizes the design finally thenMode, move of Ling Ling sister goes out, my criterion began the night of my pilchard can, had then abo上海花千坊爱上海ut big BuddhaAbdomen, quick cover an area of, small swim sleep appearance, stupid stupid wait with blue directional issue…During, blue, I and big Buddha look outside house too the night sky that promotes hill, la Zhao considers his night sky to pursue, the way is long in houseCandle night book grasps inside, my criterion is a little ambiguous, a little cool perhaps meaning hurt the mood, also be this mood hollowness probably makeMuch. Wait feel cool to appear, at 10 o’clock half, sleep! Because the space is narrow, pillow is worn oneself arm, a few degreesLose consciousness, giddy, s上海千花 女生自荐leep in this inky dim light of night, hear hill apoplectic case, wind is big; Hear grow thatHouse a few small rings, whether is knowing sit in meditation ends; Hear the snore of as one falls, soul-stirring; Still hear oldRat sacsaoul, perhaps he smelled we spread the alimental fragrance by…Confused, half dream wakes partly, be to expect day break at long last!


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